Message from the APWA

Good Afternoon Florida Chapter,

The Executive Committee would like to reach out to all of you and say we hope you are doing well in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.  Never in history has a storm so completely impacted our state in such a horrible way.  Our officers, executive committee, and leaders all stand with you in getting through this disaster and rebuilding our state.

As you go through your recovery operations, we would like to highlight your efforts in helping rebuild your communities and remind our members why Public Works really is the First to Respond and Last to Leave.  If you have stories of amazing work in your departments, or through your vendor support, please let us know by typing up a short story and some photos and sending them to so we can include them on our website and in our next magazine issues.

Thank you for all that you are doing to recover your communities and we stand with you to help in any way that we can.