Cadet Program

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Our Cadet Training Program will give you solid classroom instruction within 4 months.  This classroom training coupled with real-world experience and prepare you to work in the various Public Works specialties .

You’ll participate in lively and interactive classes designed to help you understand local government and public administration as they pertain to public works. 

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Specialties in the Field of Public Works

The Public Works Cadet training incorporates an introduction to the 14 career fields or specialties in Public Works.  These 14 career fields are shown in the course wheel.

Career Wheel

Industry Certifications

As the course progress you will move beyond the basics and into the varied career choices available. Also, our externship program provides on-the-job training experiences to help you in deciding on a specific career path in public works.

You’ll find that potential employers view a PWA Certificate of Completion as proof of your commitment to self-improvement and evidence of your knowledge of Public Works Skills.

You will have the opportunity to complete industry certifications that will assist in building a professional resume.

Course Outline

Program I470304, Public Works, consists of a planned sequence of courses.

Public Works Cadet ICourse ETC0003 (150 hours)

Content includes training in introduction to Public Works, exploration of careers in water systems, exploration in Public Works, employability skills and computer literacy.

Training includes the theory and operation of wastewater systems and plant operations, water distribution systems and plant operations. Skills are also obtained through hands-on training in the area of stormwater systems, park maintenance, procurement of a Class “B” commercial driver’s license permit and an internship.

Public Works Cadet II – Course ETC0004 (150 hours)

Content includes training in the exploration of careers in Public Works operations, demonstrating people skills as an intern, and procurement of a Class “B” driver’s license.

Public Works Cadet III – Course ETC0005 (150 hours)

Content includes training by performing an internship, employability skills, and entrepreneurship studies.

Special Admission Requirements

This program requires an applicant to be at least 18 years of age, possess a high school diploma or GED, and a valid Florida driver’s license.

Additional Industry Training/Testing Offered

Please call the Public Works Department at 727-893-2500, extension 2587 – for specific dates and times

Opportunities Industry Certification(s)

Class B Commercial Drivers License (CDL)
Defensive Driving
Forklift Certification
FDOT Intermediate Maintenance of Traffic (MOT)
OSHA 10-Hr Construction Certification
Pinellas County Landscape Best Management Practices
CPR/AED/First Aid
FEMA Emergency Management

Distance Education

The Public Works program includes distance learning for selected courses, as determined by the instructor.

Other Public Works Cadet Program Information

This program is not PELL eligible.

Minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirement: 70%

Minimum Attendance Requirement: 70%

Basic Skills Entrance/Exit Requirements: Student’s competency in reading, math, and language is pre-assessed using the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE). Required basic skills grade levels are: Reading-9, Math-9, and Language-9.