Apprenticeship Program

Construction workers group.

Registered apprenticeship programs enable employers to develop and apply industry standards to training programs for registered apprentices that can increase productivity and improve the quality of the workforce. Apprentices who complete registered apprenticeship programs are accepted by the industry as journeymen. By providing on-the-job training, related classroom instruction, and guaranteed wage structures, employers who sponsor apprentices provide incentives to attract and retain more highly qualified employees and improve productivity. Certifications earned through registered apprenticeship programs are recognized nationwide.

The Public Works Academy provides apprenticeship programs that support our local agencies. We do so in the areas of building maintenance repairer, maintenance mechanic, roadway technician, meter repairer and piperfitter (stormwater, wastewater and potable water). In fact, we can create a program for your agency based on the state appreniceship regulations. These programs are 4 years in length and have two educational components. The first part is the in-class instruction that must equal or exceed 144 hours. This training can occur at Pinellas Technical College or at your location. The second component is the on-the-job training that these employees receive back at their place of employment.

Apprenticeship programs benefit all involved. First, fees for classes are waived by State of Florida Department of Education. Yes, you read this correctly. The Public Works Academy can work with your agency to create and provide apprenticeship training for your employees. Second, the employee can earn college credit for the classes they attend. Third, the Department of Labor has done a study and they found that employees that participate in an apprenticeship program earn over $240,000 more in their career.