Training you can take to work in both the Public and Private Sectors

A career in Public Works is more than just a way to earn a living. The things that constitute real success-a shot at happiness, self-worth and Personal satisfaction –are not obtained by earning ad much as you can, but by performing as well as you can at something that you consider worthwhile.

Public Works Academy prepares you for careers in Public Works and provides continuing education for those who wish wish to advance their careers.

Baumaschinen und Baustellen

The Public Works Academy has three main focuses. First, as a high school graduate, you’ll quality for Cadet Training. This training will prepare you with the opportunity for a great career. You’ll get immediate hands-on experience in a job where you can really make a difference. The admission process includes an interview, letters of recommendation, evaluation, career counseling and orientation.

The next focus of the Public Works Academy is Technical Training with an emphasis on the Apprenticeship Training. Here our instructors maintain several year relationships with students that are already working for several of the local municipalities. This training prepares them to move from apprentices to the next levels of their careers. The third focus of PWA is Advanced Career Development, or Continuing Education for Public Works employees who want to advance in their careers or transfer to another department within public works. Employment in the field of public works is not static. Individuals need certifications to do many of the jobs required of them. The continuing education program provides this certification and subsequent recertification.